African Countries Need Assistance In Fighting HIV/AIDS

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Former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda in a recent speech in Lusaka,Zambia, called on leaders worldwide to help African countries fightHIV/AIDS, Xinhua/CRIEnglish.comreports. He said that poverty, underdevelopment, illiteracy, ignorance,the status of orphans and diseases -- such as malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS-- have undermined economic growth on the continent. "Let us be mindfulthat the AIDS pandemic has over the years spread across our continentat an alarming rate," Kaunda, said, adding, "This alarming situationshould in my humble view serve as a call to action for all of us riseto the challenge in order to make a difference in our one world."

Kaundasaid that Africa's HIV/AIDS epidemic requires collaboration among allstakeholders. According to Kaunda, African countries are facing adisaster, but no clear strategies for fighting the disease have beendeveloped. He said the millions of people who have died fromAIDS-related illnesses should be cause for global concern, adding thatthese numbers represent real people who are missed by their families."Today our graveyards are expanding at a much faster rate than before,"Kaunda said, adding, "This is a disaster. If we do not act now,posterity will judge us harshly for the world has the capacity andresources to reverse this pandemic" (Xinhua/, 12/9).

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