Richardson Releases HIV/AIDS Plan

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New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination, on Saturday released a plan to address HIV/AIDS issues domestically and abroad. According to a release, Richardson's plan would focus on "evidence-based prevention, providingquality and affordable treatment" and "renewing" the U.S. "commitmentto research."


To address HIV/AIDS worldwide, Richardson's plan wouldcommit funding for prevention, treatment and care programs, as well asefforts to reduce the number of HIV-positive people who die fromtuberculosis. Richardson also would call on the International Monetary Fundto cancel 100% of the debt owed by developing countries. In addition,the plan would aim to "protect the rights of women and children toreduce the risk that they will become infected," Richardson said(Richardson release, 12/1).

According to Richardson's Web site, the plan would commit $1 billion annually to CDCfor the "development and implementation of evidence-based, culturallyappropriate prevention strategies that address the changing face ofHIV/AIDS" in the U.S. In addition, the plan would call for NIH'sbudget to be doubled over 10 years and would support efforts toincrease HIV testing in the U.S. The plan also would allow states toexpand Medicaid to cover HIV treatment at earlier stages and fully fundthe Ryan White Program (Richardson Web site, 12/4). Richardson earlier this year signed a pledge to commit to investing $50 billion by 2013 to fight HIV/AIDS domestically and worldwide (Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report, 10/30).

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