Editorials Respond To World AIDS Day

Dec 3 2007 - 1:40pm

Several newspapers havepublished editorials and opinion pieces in response to World AIDS Day.Summaries appear below.


  • Chicago Tribune: Although "significant sums are needed to arrest the AIDS epidemic," the revised global estimates recently released by UNAIDS and the World Health Organization suggest that "AIDS funding can be better focused that it has been," a Tribune editorial says. The United Nations has "harmed the cause of AIDS prevention by not acknowledging sooner that it had inflated the number" of people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide, the editorial says, concluding, "But AIDS has hardly disappeared: 33.2 million people still takes your breath away" (Chicago Tribune, 12/1).

  • Honolulu Advertiser: The world should "put the numbers aside and think instead about the faces -- the mothers, the fathers, the brothers, the sisters and the children -- who are fighting AIDS," an Advertiser editorial says, adding that for "them and for the 2.5 million people expected to be infected each year, it's time to renew the passion and resources in the fight against AIDS" (Honolulu Advertiser, 12/1).

  • Houston Chronicle: Because of recent setbacks in HIV vaccine research, other "sound strategies must continue to be the centerpiece of efforts to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS," a Chronicle editorial says. Such strategies include education programs that teach safer sex methods, condom distribution, drugs to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission and male circumcision, according to the editorial (Houston Chronicle, 11/30).

  • Newark Star-Ledger: There are "many new challenges ahead" in the fight against HIV/AIDS, a Star-Ledger editorial says. These challenges include the extended survival of HIV-positive people because of antiretrovirals, which will "test the medical care system and current funding strategies," the editorial says, adding that the "perception that AIDS is not a death threat will test prevention efforts" (NewarkStar-Ledger, 12/1).

  • News-Press: The global community should "fight the notion that because treatment now allows people to live with HIV and AIDS," the disease is "not a serious illness," a News-Press editorial says. HIV testing efforts also should be expanded, the editorial says, adding that the "campaign to fight HIV/AIDS needs to be re-energized, not neglected" (New-Press, 12/1).


  • Tulsa World: HIV/AIDS "may never be completely defeated, but it can be battled to a standstill," a World editorial says. "It is of crucial importance, for both humanitarian and practical reasons, to keep up the good fight," the editorial concludes (Tulsa World, 12/1).


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