Mozambique To Revise National HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategy

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The Mozambican government has decided to revise its national HIV/AIDSprevention strategy after finding that the current efforts have notbeen effective in controlling the disease, Health Minister Ivo Garrido,recently said, AIM/AllAfrica.comreports. Garrido, who also serves as the spokesperson for the SteeringCouncil of the country's National AIDS Council, said a meeting of thecouncil held on Monday highlighted 10 areas that should guide therevision.

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He said that the AIDS council will seek to increasecoordination between HIV/AIDS advocacy groups in the country; develop amechanism for gauging the effectiveness of HIV prevention strategies;and improve HIV counseling and testing programs. The review also willaddress the definition of "high-risk groups," Garrido said. He saidthat he believes "almost everybody" is at risk but added that a taskgroup was established to investigate this issue.

Garrido saidthe Steering Council hopes to have "proposals on coordination" by earlynext year. The country in 2004 had an estimated HIV prevalence of 16.2%among adults ages 15 to 49 (AIM/, 11/14).

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