Initiative Aimed At Deploying Software To Support HIV Education

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HIV Education


Pop!Tech, an annualconference aimed at fueling social and environment changes throughtechnology and innovation, recently launched a new initiative thatseeks to deploy clinical software to support HIV education andcounseling, as well as treatment adherence, in South Africa, the Boston Globe reports. The initiative, called Project Masiluleke, is part of the Pop!Tech program Pop!Tech Accelerator, according to the Globe.The initiative was launched during the most recent three-day annualconference held in Camden, Mass., which drew 600 scientists,technologists, business leaders, futurists and artists, the Globe reports.

Conference organizers solicited human resources and financial support for the initiative from the University of Connecticut Center for Health, Intervention and Prevention; Frog Design, a strategic and creative consulting firm that will customize the software for South African users; and iTeach,a tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS education and care organization based inSouth Africa's KwaZulu-Natal province. Conference organizers begandeveloping the idea for Project Masiluleke when they discovered thatconference attendees had created corporate citizenship programs basedon discussions held at the meetings.

Pop!Tech Accelerator willprovide operational and project management support for ProjectMasiluleke and other initiatives worldwide to ensure that projects aredocumented thoroughly, Andrew Zolli, Pop!Tech curator and global trendanalyst, said. Project Masiluleke is named for the Zulu word that meansto counsel, the Globe reports (Freeman Roth, Boston Globe, 10/22).

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