NPR Examines HIV/AIDS Education On US College Campuses

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NPR's "Weekend Edition Sunday"recently reported on efforts to educate U.S. college students aboutHIV/AIDS. According to NPR, most colleges "operate on the principlethat students already know about HIV."

Some students at Howard University and George Washington Universityin Washington, D.C, said that HIV/AIDS education is not incorporatedinto orientation and that they were unaware that one in every 20 peoplein the district is living with HIV/AIDS. At a recent speech to studentsat Howard, UNAIDSExecutive Director Peter Piot said that the rate of HIV in the districtis higher than that in many African countries. Piot also discussed hisvisit several years ago with HIV-positive women in the city.

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The"stories that the women were telling me there, frankly, I had neverheard before," Piot said, adding, "I was so shocked that this is goingon in this town."

Isabel Goldenberg, director of student healthat George Washington, said the college offers workshops on sexuallytransmitted infections, distributes condoms and works with fraternitiesand sororities on HIV/AIDS education. Howard and George Washington alsorecruit students to serve as health educators.

In addition, CDC has designated funding for HIV/AIDS prevention at some historically black colleges, and the Black AIDS Instituterecently sent 25 black college students to the district to train asHIV/AIDS advocates (Wilson, "Weekend Edition Sunday," NPR, 10/7).

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