Presidential Candidates Called To Develop National AIDS Strategies

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"Call to Action," than 100 HIV/AIDS organizations have issued a "Call to Action"statement to all presidential candidates asking them to developresults-oriented, national HIV/AIDS strategies. According to thestatement, an effective national AIDS strategy should:

  • Strengthen prevention and treatment results through use of evidence-based programs;
  • Establish prevention and treatment targets and require annual progress reports;
  • Define priorities for action in federal agencies and assign tasks and timelines;
  • Include the prevention and treatment needs of minorities and high-risk groups as a main focus;
  • Address social elements that increase susceptibility to HIV;
  • Encourage more HIV prevention and treatment research; and
  • Involvemultiple sectors -- including government, business, civil rightsgroups, faith-based organizations, researchers and HIV-positive people-- in developing the strategy (, 9/17).

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