Vietnam To Reduce Spread Of HIV Among IDUs

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Spread Of HIV Among IDUs


Health officials in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, plan to launch amethadone program modeled after one in Hong Kong in an effort to reducethe spread of HIV among injection drug users, the South China Morning Post reports.Le Truong Giang, deputy director of Ho Chi Minh City's health service,said that groups from Vietnam are in Hong Kong studying the program.

According to the Morning Post,HIV in Ho Chi Minh City largely is concentrated among high-risk groups,such as IDUs and commercial sex workers. A needle-exchange programalready is in operation, and the new methadone program will be thefirst in the country. The World Health Organization and the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief are funding the program.

Giangsaid there could be "a lot of problems and complications" among the10,000 IDUs in the city who have completed detoxification programs. Headded that about 3% begin using injection drugs again after returningto the community. "I understand the percentage will increase," Giangsaid, adding that the methadone program will be implemented by the endof this year to encourage people who have returned from detoxifcationprograms from reusing or sharing needles (Benitez, South China Morning Post, 9/5).

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