NASTAD Reports On AIDS Drug Assistance Programs

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"ADAP Watch," National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors:The report found that a total of 308 people in Alaska and SouthCarolina were on waiting lists for AIDS Drug Assistance Programs as ofJuly 19 (ADAP Watch, 8/16). ADAPs are federal- and state-fundedprograms that provide HIV/AIDS-related medications to low-income,uninsured and underinsured HIV-positive individuals (Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report,6/26). Alaska's ADAP waiting list has five people, while SouthCarolina's list has 303 people, according to the report. In addition,the report found that Alabama, Indiana and Michigan have implementedcost-containment measures -- such as capped enrollments or formularymanagement -- since April 1, when the ADAP fiscal year began.


Accordingto the report, Montana -- which has reported a waiting list since 2002-- eliminated its ADAP waiting list because of increased state funding.The report also found that Puerto Rico has eliminated its ADAP waitinglist but is uncertain about future waiting lists and othercost-containment measures. In addition, the report found that there arenearly the fewest individuals on waiting lists since tracking began in2002.

According to the report, there is approximately $35million in FY 2007 ADAP supplemental awards that has not beendistributed. ADAP estimated need for FY 2008 is $1 billion, an increaseof $233 million over FY 2007. The House is considering a bill thatwould increase ADAP funding by $41 million for FY 2008, and the Senateis considering a similar bill that would increase ADAP funding by $25.4million. According to the report, ADAP costs have increased by anaverage of $110.8 million annually since FY 1997 (ADAP Watch, 8/16).

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