CureHIV Predicts Number Of HIV Cases To Skyrocket

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Dr. Roger Kenneth Hershline has readjusted upwards his predictions for the number of globally infected HIV persons.


On December 1, 2006 at the World Aids Day Conference China, Dr. Hershline predicted, by the year 2018, that there will be over 300 million infected worldwide with the HIV virus. Dr. Hershline states that a multitude of recent unforeseen factors has played a role in adjusting his figures, unfortunately upward.

"The first half of this year has dealt three significant blows to controlling this spreading lethal disease. First the World Health Organization (WHO) discontinued a promising vaginal gel microbicide international efficacy study. Secondly, new pockets of HIV, such as in Russia and in P.R. China are surprisingly high. And thirdly, the survivability rates for HIV infection is climbing, for example reaching nearly ninety percent per treatment cycle in developed countries."

"This is so much greater than what was seen in the past two decades, as the disease spread through impoverished nations, that we will begin to see globally the numbers of infected increase as future mortality rates drop." Dr. Hershline states that, barring a new preventative, CureHIV now predicts over 700 million worldwide HIV infected humans by the New Year 2018, as this global pandemic emerges.

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