New York Launches "HIV Stops With Me" Campaign

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State Health Commissioner Richard Daines announced the expansion of the "HIV STOPS WITH ME" campaign.

The campaign is unique in that it uses real New Yorkers living with AIDS to convey important messages about HIV prevention and improving the health of infected individuals.

Originally launched in New York in 2005, the "HIV STOPS WITH ME" campaign has been a highly successful education and public awareness campaign. Phase II of the campaign will begin on June 22nd and will run for approximately one year.


"I remember those early years of the HIV epidemic, while practicing at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx, when it seemed that I diagnosed a new case of AIDS every day," said Dr. Daines. "I want to ensure that we are doing all that is possible to prevent more New Yorkers from becoming infected."

"Utilizing actual HIV positive New Yorkers as spokesmodels resonates well with the campaign's targeted audience," Commissioner Daines said. "These individuals were selected based on their diversity and commitment to promoting the prevention of the HIV virus through a positive message. They are, in fact, the true faces of HIV."

The campaign has three major goals:


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