Global Movement To Bring More Support For AIDS Orphans

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AIDS Orphans

As World AIDS Orphans Day nears, 63 U.S. Mayors from New York City to Hawaii have already proclaimed WAOD this year in their cities, in support of more humanitarian and health support for all orphans and vulnerable children.


They join the global movement to support these children, started by Albina du Boisrouvray, Founder and President of Francois-Xavier Bagnoud International (FXB), an international non-governmental organization that focuses on supporting AIDS orphans and all OVCs and mobilizing public opinion to aid them.

At a related press briefing on April 26, 2007, in Washington, D.C., Angelina Jolie and Global Action For Children (GAC), of which FXB is co-Chair, requested a $2.5 billion per year increase by the U.S. Government for programs that support orphans and vulnerable children in developing countries.

AIDS orphans living with extended families or in foster care are frequently subject to discrimination and are less likely to receive health, education and other needed services. The situation is yet more desperate for those living in child-headed households or on their own on the streets. Their circumstances put them at high risk for HIV, exploitation and abuse, and the lack of access to health care, education and social support perpetuates the conditions of poverty.

Over the last six years, more than 703 mayors and elected officials have supported WAOD in 41 countries. The Boston Globe in early April 2007, in a special report on Albina from Jaipur, India, explained why, reporting: "She's adopted the world's AIDS orphans as her cause."