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10 Health Benefits of Spirulina and How Science is Proving Ancient Wisdom


Spirulina is blue-green algae harvested from warm freshwater. It's health benefits seem almost endless when you look at the evidence that science is uncovering to support why the ancients prized this green boon to mankind.

How Much Would You Pay to Know if Your Potential Sex Partner has HIV?

sex partner hiv

In a recent article published in the online open access science journal PLoS Medicine, researchers report their findings that giving people a choice between discovering their HIV status at a clinic or through a HIV home test, that the majority of people choose the HIV home test.

Pet ownership helps women living with HIV/AIDS

Women living with HIV/AIDS stay on track with their health when they own a pet.

Pets have such a positive impact on our lives that they can even help us cope with chronic illness. Case Western University researchers found owning a pet helps women living with HIV and AIDS. Furry feline or canine friends provide support and pleasure that helps women stay on track with taking medications and living healthier lifestyles.