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Could Your Doctor Give You Aids?

Jun 28 2017 - 5:53pm
Doctor Aids Risk

In the city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Public Health Officials are warning the patients of Dr. Lorin Gilbert Harding, that there could be a risk of Aids to his patients.

On June 16, the College Of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario informed the Hamilton Public Heath Services that there was an 'infection prevention and control lapse" in this Doctor's office.

Pet ownership helps women living with HIV/AIDS

Jan 23 2012 - 3:22pm
Women living with HIV/AIDS stay on track with their health when they own a pet.

Pets have such a positive impact on our lives that they can even help us cope with chronic illness. Case Western University researchers found owning a pet helps women living with HIV and AIDS. Furry feline or canine friends provide support and pleasure that helps women stay on track with taking medications and living healthier lifestyles.

According to study author, Allison R.