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Prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction and Use of ED Medications Among Teens, Young Men

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Erectile dysfunction medications and youth

A new study indicates a high prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED) and evidence of recreational use of erectile dysfunction medications (EDM) among adolescents and young men.

Researchers at Children's Memorial Hospital and Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine conducted an anonymous survey of 234 sexually active males between the ages of 18-25 on the campuses of three national universities in Chicago. This survey



I am 24 and the only way I can get an erection is when I am by myself? If I have sex with a partner I have to take viagra...
im 17 and I've been dating my girlfriend for over 10 months now. We recently had sex for the first time and it took me around 20 minutes to get hard enough to have sex. I thought that it was because i was nervous. We just recently tried again and i wasnt able to get an erection at all. I wanted to and my girlfriend is incredibly beautiful. Whats wrong with me?
Just as matt and jeff I have had problems getting it hard too. I have seen my doctor about it because it is a very big concern for me. I am 17 and he diagnosed my current medicine and said it causes ED. I stopped taking it but i have still had problems. Taking ED meds work, and they work great. My doc actually gave me a sample pack of levitra and two prescriptions... long story.