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Erectile Dysfunction Warning Sign For Heart Risk

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Two newest studies suggest that in men with diabetes erectile dysfunction is a serious warning sign of developing major heart diseases.

A study by Hong Kong researchers examined 2306 men with diabetes and no signs of heart disease. They found that those with erectile dysfunction are 58% more likely to develop cardiac condition within four years than those with no sexual problems.

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Another study by Italian researchers examined 291 men with diabetes and early coronary heart disease. They found that those with sexual problems are twice as likely to develop major cardiac conditions and even stroke than those with no sexual problems.

Researchers already recognize several factor putting at risk both heart and sexual health. Among these factors they especially mention smoking, cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. Another latest study also found found that drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment, such as Viaga, can improve heart blood flow. This research comes with a new knowledge that erectile dysfunction is a significant warning sign of cardiovascular risk, even when other risk factors are properly treated and controlled.

Two researches urge that men with diabetes and erectile dysfunction need a special and aggressive treatment to cut risk factors for heart risk, because these men have the highest risk for developing cardiovascular problems.