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Molecular Discoveries Aim at Advancing Early Diagnosis of Cancers

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Early Cancer Diagnosis

Molecular messages and signals circulating in blood or contained in cells lining the airway can identify early stage cancer, according to scientists presenting today at the 97th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Washington, D.C. Researchers have discovered molecular signposts pointing to the presence of cancer, and those signs can provide physicians with early and, in some cases, more specific cancer detection opportunities. The goal of screening and early detection is to identify primary tumors at initial stages of development when they can be successfully controlled or cured with local therapy. Most cancer deaths are caused by metastatic disease, later stage tumors that spread to other sites in the patient. Clinical monitoring of molecular markers of primary tumors and metastasis allows for early response strategies in the treatment to control or cure the disease.

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Airway Gene Expression; A Novel Diagnostic Test for Lung Cancer in Smokers: Abstract No. 2420

By piggy-backing a genetic expression assay along with the best available procedure to detect lung cancer, a team of researchers has dramatically improved the sensitivity of diagnosing lung cancer. Moreover, the RNA expression signature from normal epithelial cells of the upper airways in smokers identified three times as many early stage