Stand Up 2 Cancer Aims To Bring Treatment, Unlock Cancer

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It is believed that by creating more awareness about cancer and involving more experts in the public discussion about the various types of cancers as well as raising more funds will help the researchers to fund much needed cancer treatment and help millions who suffer from cancer. Stand Up 2 Cancer aims to achieve just that.

Here is Stand Up 2 Cancer involving cancer advocates like Catie Couric and The American For Cancer Research in its own mission statement provided at

Here we stand, on the verge of unlocking the answers that will finally conquer the devastation that is cancer.


We now understand the very biology that drives cancer. With knowledge gained from the mapping of the human genome, we can now target the genes and pathways that are involved in turning normal cells into cancerous ones. We are on the brink of possessing a toolbox full of new, advanced technologies just waiting to be adapted to benefit patients. Right before us, so close we can almost touch them, are scientific breakthroughs in the prevention, detection, treatment and even reversal of this disease.

For the first time we can envision the possibility of stopping cancer in its tracks. But just when science is on the verge of giving us the breakthroughs that can end cancer, the will and the funding to do so are disappearing from the national agenda and from our collective consciousness.

Cancer takes one person every minute. One life in a moment. They are our brothers, our sisters, our fathers and mothers, our husbands and wives, our best friends, our children, ourselves. Every day in America 1500 people die and yet the means to save them are literally within our reach. To wait any longer for someone else to save our lives and the lives of those we love is unforgivable.

Inspired to act by our own personal experiences with cancer, we recognize that we can no longer rely on the current system alone to give us the breakthroughs we need.



Did it every accure to anyone that sometimes it not a good thing to survive breast cancer for people like me it isn't a good thing the cancer diagnoses was nothing the treatment that all most killed me was nothing the 4 surgery's was nothing even the infections in my arm that should have killed me and almost did was nothing the pain I have all day every day is nothing having the able to work taking away is the worst thing ever because now I'm going to loose everything I've worked for ,for the last 25yrs.I'm suppose to live on SSD 577.00a mouth the crappy meds. I have to take takes a big part of that I even had to stop taking the cancer pill 2yrs. before I was suppose to because I did not have the money for it so in a little more then a month I will ether be home less or I'll be living in my car if I get it fixed in time as for family ha ha when I couldn't loan them money any more they were gone witch miens I lost all the money I lent just so you know surviving cancer is not always a good thing Chris Murphy