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Bowel Cancer Gene Varies For Races

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Researchers have found genes linked to bowel cancer, and these genes affect races in different ways.

Scientists from Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine at the University of Edinburgh are conducting a research to find gene mutations and to target the deadly disease as soon as possible.

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Bowel cancer is showing its symptoms up only when the disease is already deeply developed and it is impossible to treat it. Scientists urge the necessity of screenings to detect the disease earlier. Besides, they conduct gene studies to detect those with increased risk for developing the disease and with genetic background.

This new study shows that one of gene mutations linked to bowel cancer affects Europeans more than Japanese.

Dr Lesley Walker, from Cancer Research UK, said: "We can now begin to explain some of the difference in rates of bowel cancer between populations through specific genes. This work will continue to bring knowledge that will eventually allow us to test people with a family history of the disease, catching cancer earlier in those who are at the highest risk or preventing it all together."