Interviews Examine 'Targeted' Cancer

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"The Power of Dialogue: Three Interviews," Health Affairs: In Health Affairs Webexclusive, contributing editor Barbara Culliton interviews threeoncologists about the use of "targeted biologics" in treating cancer.Among other issues, the interviews examine how the pharmaceutical andhealth insurance industries can work with the health policy communityto develop a basis for maintaining innovation and advancing patientcare, while using such treatments in the most cost-effective way.

Theinterviews include discussions with Victor Velculescu, an assistantprofessor of oncology and director of the Cancer Genetics Laboratory atthe Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; Thomas Roberts, a hedge fund manager for Noonday Global Management and a former attending oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and visiting scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Lee Newcomer, business leader of Oncology Services at UnitedHealthcare in Minneapolis (Health Affairs release, 11/27).

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