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New Book Links Motorcycle Radiation To Cancer Risk

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No longer are helmets enough for motorcyclists to protect themselves. In his just released book, MOTORCYCLE CANCER?, author Randall Dale Chipkar says, "Unsuspecting riders are at risk for cancer development from electromagnetic radiation shooting up right between their legs."

"It's a paradox that thousands of motorcycle riders participate in annual fundraiser rides for cancer awareness when the event itself may be causing cancer," says Chipkar.

He adds, "Motorcycles can shoot potentially carcinogenic electromagnetic (EM) energies into the rider as a 'Death Shower' from below. This increases the risk of developing lymphomas, leukemia or cancers of the prostate, testicle, colon, bladder, kidney, liver, pancreas, stomach. Both the heart and immune system are also at risk. Worldwide, electromagnetic energies have been called 'Invisible Death' and 'The Silent Killer'."

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Chipkar is a man on a mission: to protect motorcyclists worldwide. He considers motorcycle EM radiation a "Black Plague" for innocent riders. "I have met countless avid motorcycle riders diagnosed with similar forms of cancers and disorders. All of these riders had extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation shooting up from their motorcycle seats into their lower torso. Some readings were 100 times higher than what can be considered as acceptable exposure," Chipkar says.

Chipkar wrote a book called MOTORCYCLE CANCER? Are motorcycles KILLING US with cancers of the prostate, colon, kidney, bone, etc? If the title sounds shocking, it is meant to be. By sharing his views, he hopes to generate worldwide attention to and awareness of his devastating discovery.

"The industry needs to recognize this EM danger and implement protective measures to minimize rider radiation exposure. Consumer safety is priority. An EMF radiation shielding seat can provide riders with peace of mind," he says.

Chipkar adds, "Concerning EM health effects, governments and industry choose denial so as to not create panic. Governments need to reassess their position on electromagnetic health issues for public safety. Science proves electromagnetic danger and riders deserve to know the truth."