US Patent For Anti-Cancer Antibody Alloqed To ARIUS

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Anti-Cancer Antibody

ARIUS Research has received notice from the United States Patent and Trademark Office that a key patent for its lead anti-CD44 drug candidate will issue on August 7th, 2007.


This pivotal patent covers the ARH460-16-2 antibody itself, as well as the use of the antibody in the treatment of breast cancers. ARIUS now has 16 issued and allowed patents covering its antibody programs and discovery platform and over 150 patents pending.

The ARH460-16-2 antibody drug is in development by ARIUS for breast, prostate and liver cancers. The CD44 antigen that is targeted by this antibody has been identified as a cancer stem cell marker in several different malignancies. The discovery of cancer stem cells and the markers that distinguish this population of cancer cells from others represent a key advancement in the understanding of cancer. Such insights can be used to develop drugs, such as ARH460-16-2, to prevent the spread of cancer and extend survival in cancer patients. Recently ARIUS has also announced the initiation of a toxicology program in preparation for human clinical trials.

"ARIUS is having an extremely successful year," said Dr. David Young, President and CEO. "We have hit a number of critical technical milestones and the ongoing success of our patent strategy reflects the value we are building in the company. We are moving ahead to file our IND application and begin human clinical trials in 2008 with the U.S. FDA."

The Company also disclosed the departure of Dr. Robert Gundel, Chief Scientific Officer, from ARIUS.


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