Research Demonstrates Effectiveness Of Poly-MVAF For Cancer Patients

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Poly-MVAF For Cancer Patients

Results have been released demonstrating the effectiveness of palladium lipoic complexes (referred to as PdLA and its dietary supplement version, Poly-MVA), a safe nutritional approach for cancer, which affects some 24 million people worldwide.

KGK Synergize Inc., a laboratory in Canada, examined the effects of Poly- MVA on eight different cancer cell lines. The data confirms previously established research findings which have shown significant impact in cancer cell death with Poly-MVA.

Dr. Shari Lieberman, PhD, CNS, FACN, is a recipient of the 2003 NNFA Practitioner of the Year Award and author of numerous books on health, as well as Founding Dean of New York Chiropractic College's MS Degree Program in Applied Clinical Nutrition. Dr. Lieberman explains the findings.


"In a multiple cell line study, Poly-MVA was shown to be immediately effective against numerous cancer cell lines measured over 72 hours: melanoma, liver, lung, breast, colon, astrocytomoa and glioblastoma. In the prostate cancer line, there was no cell death at 24 hours, but there was tumor cell death seen at 48 hours. Unlike conventional chemotherapy, Poly-MVA can be continued indefinitely. The best results appear to be achieved when it is taken for periods of time of 3 months or greater."

A patented supplement with over 12 years of testing and clinical research, and over 40 years of laboratory research, Poly-MVA is a nutritional supplement that is uniquely formulated combination of minerals, vitamins and amino acids designed to support cellular energy production, promote overall health and protection, and boost immune system function -- particularly in compromised body states.

Poly-MVA is prepared using a unique method that combines the ingredients and produces a compound that is not only safe and effective (unlike most chemotherapeutic compounds which break down, accumulate in tissue and eventually become toxic) but also supports and protects healthy cells as well. Most chemotherapeutic agents have significant side effects and negative long- term health implications.

Poly-MVA is distributed worldwide by AMARC Enterprises, a San Diego-based nutraceutical company. Al Sanchez, Jr., the company's President and CEO, is excited at the latest evidence supporting the effectiveness of PdLA in the support against cancer.

"It has been shown through scientific research, case studies, clinical application, practitioner reports and individual responses that Poly-MVA supports and improves cellular function and has far-reaching positive effects on many systems and functions of the body. Its most notable effects have been with cancer patients, but others are having wonderful results as well," he commented. "The results of the KGK cell lines are further confirming the important role Poly-MVA can have in directly supporting those dealing with cancer."