Cancer Schmancer and Fran Drescher Act For Women

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Cancer Schmancer Movement of Fran Drescher to ensure that all women's cancers are diagnosed in Stage 1, when most curable.

Cures are few and far between. So, it is our belief that women's health MUST become more political in order to see immediate improvements.

Cancer Schmancer will raise awareness and educate women, as well as serve as a policy-driven women's health movement to alert Capitol Hill that the collective female voice is louder and more powerful than that of the richest corporate lobbyist.

Political Goals of Cancer Schmancer

  • To galvanize women so that our needs can no longer be dismissed

  • To make politicians answerable to their voting records


  • To make Stage 1 diagnosis a major campaign issue

  • To create new healthcare mandates on both Federal and State levels to include more cancer screening tests and diagnostic tools as part of ALL women's basic exams

  • To impose harsher FDA restrictions on carcinogens in women's products

  • To increase funding for the HHS Women's Health Department

  • To target environmental causes of women's cancers and eliminate them