AngioGenex/BioCheck Produces Novel Antibodies, Progress Toward A Cancer Diagnostic

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Cancer Diagnostic

AngioGenex is applying its resources and expertise to the development of a diagnostic for the early detection and prognosis of cancer based on the appearance of Id proteins in blood and tumor tissue.

The sale of monoclonal antibodies to the Id proteins prepared by BioCheck has begun to generate revenue and AngioGenex will earn its first milestone payment of $50,000 at the end of the second quarter of 2007. This work is being conducted pursuant to a development and marketing agreement under which AngioGenex has assigned BioCheck exclusive rights to develop and market the cancer diagnostic in return for royalties, with AngioGenex retaining the rights to the antibodies for therapeutic uses.


Development of a cancer diagnostic is based on the work of Dr. Robert Benezra, Member of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute (NYC), who demonstrated that the actions of the Id genes and Id proteins are required for the growth and spread of tumors in animals. He proved that even a partial loss of Id gene function prevents the formation of a network of blood vessels (angiogenesis) that supplies the tumor with nutrients needed for survival and growth. The clinical use of agents that block angiogenesis has been hailed by oncologists as the first new and promising approach for the treatment of cancer in a decade.

Dr. Chen has over 30 years of experience in diagnostics. Prior to forming BioCheck, he co-founded Medix Biotech 1983) that was acquired by Genzyme Co. in 1992, and later founded Rapid Diagnostics (1998) that was acquired by ICN Pharmaceuticals in 2002. While involved in the development of many monoclonal antibodies and diagnostics, he is best known for creation of the Early Pregnancy Test (EPT). Dr. Chen commented that "the work of Dr. Benezra is compelling and provides a sound scientific basis for the development of a diagnostic that could not only be useful for the early detection of cancer but could also serve as a biomarker to follow therapy and to detect recurrence of disease." According to Richard Salvador, CEO of AngioGenex: "the development of a diagnostic for the Id proteins will add an important dimension to our clinical program in cancer. And added; "we are fortunate to work with Dr. Chen and his team who provide outstanding technical expertise in antibody development and a proven ability to create and move diagnostic programs to the market place."

AngioGenex is an early stage biotechnology company, discovering and developing compounds potentially useful for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The Company's primary goal is to test newly discovered anti-cancer drugs in man that act by inhibiting either the Id genes or Id proteins. The use of the BioCheck diagnostic to detect the presence of an Id containing