Antibodies Have Significant Potential In Treatment Of Broad Range Of Cancers

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Antibodies and cancer treatment

Human Genome Sciences, Inc. reported that clinical and preclinical evidence continues to emerge demonstrating that its TRAIL receptor antibodies, HGS-ETR1 (mapatumumab) and HGS-ETR2 (lexatumumab), have significant potential for use in the treatment of a broad range of cancers.

"We believe that HGS-ETR1 and HGS-ETR2 could offer novel, highly targeted therapeutic options that may prove useful in the treatment of a number of cancers," said Gilles Gallant, B. Pharm., Ph.D., Vice President, Clinical Research - Oncology, HGS. "We note with pride that the Journal of Clinical Oncology, one of the field's most prestigious peer-reviewed publications, chose to publish the first human study of HGS-ETR1 earlier