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Child Health and Safety

Oregon Voters Reject Tobacco Tax Ballot Measure To Fund Children's Health

Oregon voters rejected a measure to increasethe state cigarette tax by 84.5 cents per pack to fund health carecoverage for uninsured children, the AP/Houston Chroniclereports.

The proposal would have provided health coverage for about100,000 children. Tobacco companies spent about $12 million to opposethe measure, which beat out spending in support of the measure by a 4-1margin. Gov. Ted Kulongoski (D) said, "What happened was the tobaccoindustry bought the election" (Danborn, AP/Houston Chronicle, 11/7).

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Students To Launch 'Kids For Sight' Campaign

Nyan and Lehka Pendyala, ages 8 and 6, will launch a kid-inspired and kid-driven campaign to increase awareness of unnecessary childhood blindness. Their ultimate goal is to raise $260,000 for a specialized pediatric eye care unit and training center in India, a project underway by ORBIS International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving sight worldwide.

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WHO Stresses Need To Ensure Safety Of Children's Medicines

The lack of thorough and reliable clinical data on the way medicines affect children requires strengthened safety monitoring and vigilance of medicinal products. This is the fundamental message of Promoting safety of medicines for children, released today by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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