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Child Health and Safety

Race, Ethnicity Might Influence Psychiatric Diagnosis In Children's ERs

New research finds that minority children and adolescents who visit the pediatric emergency department more often receive diagnoses of severe mental health disorders than their white peers.

"Diagnostic decisions may have a significant influence on the course of one's mental health care. Emergency services is in a critical position as it is often the point of entry into the mental health system for many people," said Jordana Muroff, Ph.D., the study's lead author.

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Why Kids Can't Breathe In Our Communities

Our homes, schools, playgrounds and neighborhoods are riddled with preventable asthma triggers that leave millions of children gasping for air. But a new report released today by PolicyLink and The California Endowment lays out a plan for what we all can do to make our children's air safer and healthier.

The new report, Breathing Easy from Home to School: Fighting the Environmental Triggers of Childhood Asthma, provides a blueprint for dramatically reducing the community factors that contribute to asthma development and spark asthma attacks.

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Mothers, Babies Can Share Cells Throughout Life

Cutting the umbilical cord doesn't necessarily sever the physical link between mother and child. Many cells pass back and forth between the mother and fetus during pregnancy and can be detected in the tissues and organs of both even decades later. This mixing of cells from two genetically distinct individuals is called microchimerism. The phenomenon is the focus of an increasing number of scientists who wonder what role these cells play in the body.

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Authorities Concerned About Toxic Infant Formula Contaminant

The toxic plastics chemical known as Bisphenol A (BPA) may be linked to a number of serious reproductive and developmental problems that are common in the US population. The smallest and hungriest babies are the most vulnerable from exposures to BPA at levels that pose risks.

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