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Child Health and Safety

Why Early Sports Specialization is Harming Our Kids

Youth sports

There has been a trend lately of college programs offering scholarships to younger and younger kids. The Charlotte Observer ran an article today documenting the story of two young boys, aged 9 and 10 years, who have both been offered college football scholarships this month. These boys are committing to a program a decade from now, but at what cost? At nine years old, is it possible for a child to make a decision about his future? Because he has not yet even hit puberty, how can anyone say with certainty that he will even have the physical size and strength to play at the college level? And what is the cost to this child in specializing so young in one single sport?

Signs of Dehydration From Breastfeeding And The Truth About Why Breastfeeding Moms Are Chronically Dehydrated

breastfeeding chronic dehydration nutrition

Signs of dehydration from breastfeeding include, dry mouth, headaches, deficiencies, lethargy and typically lack of vibrancy in nursing mothers. While these signs of dehydration from breastfeeding may seem commonplace what's happening at a deeper level is far more serious, and may be affecting your milk supply and your baby's nutritional health. To gain a better understanding of why breastfeeding moms are chronically dehydrated you have to take an honest look at diet.

Know What Food To Eat To Be Healthy With This Simple And Fun System

Healthy food potatoe

With all the conflicting information about what to eat and not eat, are you overwhelmed with trying to figure out what is actually healthy? How do we really know where to start? Use these simple guidelines and this creative tool used by Dr. William Sears, the renounced pediatrician, to make it easier, more fun and doable to make simple changes with our busy lives toward eating healthy food. Here is a fun way to know what food to eat.

Benefits Of Parents And Caregivers Playing With Children For Child Development Are More Than Imagined

Playing with kids outdoors

Fun With Your Kids Has Serious Consequences. Children need play for healthy development. Play is like the language of children. It a big part of how they interact with and get to know the world around them. How they feel safe and grow. Just as much, they need us - their attentive, present caregivers. The way we play with them teaches them how to feel and think about the world around them and, most importantly, themselves.

The Seven Es of Healthy Eating and Lifestyle: You Can Help Your Child Avoid Obesity Now and Forever

Diet scale

The statistics on obesity are not only disheartening they are downright scary. One in ten people world-wide, including children, are considered obese and the consequences are adults and children with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and other health issues. Despite a growing problem, if you know the seven ‘E’s of healthy eating and lifestyle, you can help your child avoid obesity now and forever.

3 gentle on-skin baths that will keep your baby's eczema under control

on skin baths for baby's eczema control

Atopic dermatitis (AT) is the most common type of eczema, especially in babies, and according to the National Eczema Association the prevalence of childhood eczema/atopic dermatitis in the US is 10.7%. Topical steroid creams sometimes help with relieving the itchiness and dryness caused by AT, but can cause allergic reactions themselves. So, these gentle on skin baths will keep your baby's eczema under control, and may be a great alternative to steroid creams.

Top 7 Nanny Cameras for 2017

Nanny Cameras for 2017

Do you long for an evening out with your spouse, but worry about how things will go at home with the babysitter while you’re away? Do you wish that you could check in with your children or pets during the day? Maybe you have an elderly parent who lives alone and you would like to be able to check through a camera on their well-being in the middle of the night. Keeping your goals in mind will help you choose from the following highest rated nanny cameras based on their technology, functionality and style.

Science Flip Flops And Advises Against Co-Sleeping

Parenting Co-sleeping Baby Health

Ever have a baby that slept so deeply and well, that you had to check in on them frequently to make sure they were breathing? Chances are the child was an independent sleeper. New science has caused sleep recommendations to be reverted back toward sleep autonomy for babies verses co-sleeping, and showed that independent sleepers fare way better than co-sleeping babies when it comes to duration and quality of sleep.

Giving Your Kids Soda and French Fries at Age 1 Is Pretty Much Sealing Their Fate

Negative effects of soda drinks for babies

Do not say it's generic when your child is obese, but look at the negative effects of soda and french fries on the baby. Ask yourself, "is it bad for babies to drink soda," before you give them any Pepsi or Coca Cola drinks. Listen to these parents and their stories why they don't give sugar drinks to their toddlers. Teach your children healthy eating habits. Don't give them health problems.