Immunization Clinics Will Help Children Stay in School

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On February 7, 2007, approximately 5,229 Multnomah County parents received letters stating that their children must be immunized or will not be admitted to school on the school exclusion date of February 21, 2007. This year's letters are one-half the quantity sent in 2005, when 10,452 letters were mailed. In 2006 the number of notices was 7,320.

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This is the final notice informing parents of children in public schools, pre-schools, Head Start programs, private schools, and other children's facilities. Approximately 118,000 children in Multnomah County must meet the school exclusion requirements each year and approximately 2,000 (less than 2%) were excluded from school last year until they received needed vaccines. Multnomah County Health Department is sponsoring a series of immunization clinics for children who are uninsured or underinsured throughout February to bring them up to date on their vaccinations and enable them to stay in school. Parents are asked to bring letters they have received from the school or county health department and their children's immunization records to the clinics. Families with health insurance are encouraged to see their regular medical provider.

"More than ever, we depend on immunizations to ensure the health of our community. In addition to protecting the population from vaccine-preventable diseases, immunizations ensure children will not miss school days and make the classroom safe for all by preventing communicable diseases," states Lillian Shirley, Director of Multnomah County Health Department.

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