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Kids Fitness is More Than Fun and Games

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(ARA) - It's no secret that America's kids are facing a health crisis at an alarming pace. You can't escape stories about rising childhood obesity rates, declining funding for physical education programs and the dramatic increase in sedentary lifestyles. Pick-up basketball games have been replaced with TV watching and computer games; fast food is an everyday event, not just a special treat. Simply put, our kids need to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Learning healthy habits now means that those choices will carry into in adulthood as well. Fortunately, there are ways to achieve this and still have some fun!

Organized sports are an excellent and fun way to get kids moving, while teaching the important lessons of staying healthy and physically fit. If sports don't seem to interest your kids, maybe they haven't found the right one. Look beyond baseball and soccer and seek out other activities. Swimming, racquetball and golf are all sports that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Non-competitive activities such as rock-climbing, dance and karate also can provide a challenge for beginners and experts alike.

It's also important to find experienced instructors for your child, both to keep them safely moving and to make the experience fun and rewarding. Life Time Fitness, a national health and fitness company, offers a wide range of classes and activities for kids.

One popular class is Junior Generals, a group class taught by Life Time Fitness personal trainers. Designed for kids ages 8 to 11, the class meets twice per week and focuses on cardio vascular conditioning and core strength training, explains personal training manager Brian Tietz. "We chart the kids' progress and have fun while focusing on fitness," he says.

To keep kids active during the summer months, Life Time Fitness also offers a variety of activities such as gymnastics, cheerleading, tap, hip hop dancing, yoga, scuba, self defense and kid's cardio.

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Additionally, we can make other simple lifestyle changes. For example, families can enjoy a healthy lifestyle together by creating healthy meals. Let kids pick their favorite vegetables to add to pastas and soups. Try to designate one night per week for family fitness by enjoying walks or biking to the park for a little family softball or soccer. Explore new areas of your city on foot, or learn a new activity as a family, such as in-line skating.

The habits you instill now will serve your children throughout their lives and set them on a pace for a healthy, active life.

For more information on children's activities at Life Time Fitness, visit the company on the Web www.lifetimefitness.com


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