Children's Health Is a Family Affair

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Child Health

What is the most powerful and effective incentive for children to eat healthfully and get the physical activity the need? Look in the mirror.

Some common childhood eating behaviors which can cause alarm in many parents include food jags, fear of new foods, and refusal to eat what's served. A food jag is when a child will only eat one food item meal after meal.

A recent survey of parents and children by the American Dietetic Association Foundation showed that parents are kids' top role model when it comes to nutrition and healthy eating.


Help your children learn to make healthy choices and get moving:

  • Plan regular family activities that are physically active

  • Start a walking club

  • Take your family to the park to inline skate while you walk

  • Make walking the dog a fun job instead of a chore.

Let your children help plan menus, go to the store with you and prepare and serve meals.