Easy Ways To Boost Your Kids' Milk and Calcium Consumption

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(NC) - Everyone needs a calcium-rich diet, but growing children require 2-4 servings of milk products daily for healthy teeth and strong bones.

"Most people know milk and calcium is part of a healthy diet," said Vanessa Andrews, Registered Dietitian. "Despite this, parents find it increasingly challenging to ensure their children get the required amounts. Looking for products fortified with vitamins and minerals such as Nesquik Vitamin Enriched Powder, is a fun way to keep milk as a part of your children's diet."

Andrews suggests the following additional quick and simple tips to ensure your children have healthy and nutritional food choices:


1. Look for calcium in a variety of sources: Dairy products are great sources of calcium, but calcium can in fact be found in a variety of foods. Other non-dairy sources include canned salmon with bones, almonds, spinach and calcium-fortified soya products, which can easily be added to a variety of family-friendly recipes.

2. Get your kids involved in the decision-making: Getting kids invested in your family's menu selection is a good way to avoid the meal-time battle and make them interested in food and nutrition. Nesquik Vitamin Enriched Powder is a great child-friendly choice, with no more sugar than a glass of unsweetened juice, encouraging the consumption of milk with a taste kids' love.

3. Plan calcium-rich menus in advance: Parents are increasingly faced with the challenges of juggling their hectic schedules. Planning and preparing your menu for the week in advance will not only allow you to deal with the demands on your time, but will help ensure you are giving your children a nutritional diet.

4. Keep it tasty: Eating should be pleasurable. Experiment with recipes to add variety to your meals and still follow a balanced lifestyle. For recipe ideas, go to nestle.ca. Do you have a question for a dietitian? Visit www.nesquik.ca

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