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Quarter Of Children Don't Meet Vaccine Recommendations

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More than a quarter of US children do not meet vaccine recommendations.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention examined a survey conducted in 2005 involving 17563 children aged from 18 months to 3 years. This report by CDC differs from other reports, because it considers not only doses taken by children, but also the schedule of vaccination.

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It was previously known that 81% of US children receive the recommended doses of vaccination, and this was the best vaccination rate worldwide. However, this figure shows only the doses taken, but not the schedule, which is very important.

Health officials urge the importance of keeping strict vaccination schedule, because it is designed to provide with best protection from diseases. If vaccination sessions take place too early or too close to each other they are less effective. Every single decline from schedule weakens vaccine efficiency.

Vaccination schedule is very complicated and many parents may have difficulties with keeping the schedule. They may think that if children take the necessary dosage of vaccine they can be safe. The CDC report found that 28% of children do not meet vaccination recommendations fully. This means that the previously accounted 81% drops to 72%, urging the importance about educating parents about how necessary vaccination is.