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Dyslexia Leads To School Underachievement

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Most children in school that recorder underachievement were found to have dyslexia - a disorder when children have difficulties in reading, writing and spelling.

A team of scientists from Hull University examined 1341 children aged 11. 55% of children who failed standard assessment tests (SATs) were found to have dyslexia symptoms. One out of ten children suffers from reading disorders and these children are being left behind in schools.

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The study shows that there is a big percentage of children with dyslexia who don't receive any special treatment. These children are having underachievement in schools and are very rarely being diagnosed.

Kate Griggs, founder of Xtraordinary People, said: "The link between dyslexia and academic failure has been made shockingly clear in our report. This level of failure is unacceptable and unnecessary because with a correct diagnosis and support from trained specialists, dyslexic children can flourish. There is simply no need for these children to be slipping through the academic net."

Report urges importance of screening children for dyslexia to diagnose it as early as possible. These children have good chances to have good studying results if they receive proper treatment. Researchers point out the necessity of having specially trained teachers and specially developed programs for these children.