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Childhood Spanking Leads To Sex Problems

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Spankingchildren as a measure of disciplining them may later lead to sexualproblems, such as forcing a partner into having sex.

The studywas led by Professor Murray Straus from University of New Hampshire.The research studied about 14000 university students from 68universities located at 32 countries. Students were questioned about ifthey have been spanked before age of 12 and if they have coerced apartner within past 12 months.

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Spanked men were four times morelikely to physically force a partner to have sex, spanked women werealso more likely to be forced by a partner. Both men and women were 10%more likely to verbally force a partner compared to those not spanked.

Thestudy urges parents to think of other ways of disciplining children,because tough and corporal punishments lead not only to sexual problemsin teenagers and adults. Spanking also leads to decreased self-esteem,self control. Those frequently spanked by parents think of violence assomething normal and have major mental problems.

"Myunderlying motive was to bring this to the attention of parents and ofmore people," Straus said, "in the hope it will help continue thedecrease in the use of corporal punishment."