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FDA Approves Nexium For Children With Reflux

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FDA approves Nexium for acid reflux treatment in children aged from 1 to 11.

Thedrug is already in use in 20 milligram doses for children aged from 12to 17. Now it receives approval in 10 milligram doses for youngerchildren.

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Acid reflux is a disease caused by excess stomachacid, which causes erosions in swallowing tube. The disease isrelatively easy to treat in order children by strong diet, but youngerchildren need more efforts and safer medicine.

"One of thedifficult things in practicing pediatrics is there are very fewmedications that are actually tested and approved in young children,"says Dr. David Keljo from Children's Hospital.

As adverse Nexiumside effect FDA mentions 'headache, nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain,constipation, gas, dry mouth and sleepiness'. Long term use of the drugmay also cause bone thinning and vitamin deficiency. Therefore,children using the drug will be carefully monitored and properlytreated if adverse effects occur.