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The Tools Of The Mind To Foster Child Cognitive Development

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Children's cognitive development has always been in the focus of parental and medical attention and a study published by UNESCO's International Bureau of Education presents The Tools Of The Mind project, which aims to foster the cognitive development in children.

The Tools Of The Mind is authored by Russian researcher Elena Bodrova and U.S. scientist Deborah Leong, both having Ph.D.

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The authors of Tools Of The Mind have developed a number of tools to support early learning and a highly innovative method for training teachers in using these approaches. Piloting of the approaches has demonstrated their potential to develop children's early literacy skills and they are being increasingly used in early childhood education programmes across the United States. The project is the result of collaborative work between Russian and American education researchers, based on the theories of Vygotsky, applied to the cultural context of the United States.

The Tools of the Mind project was conceived at a time when a national consensus was already established about the importance of early childhood education.

The Tools of the Mind project began as a search for tools to support the cognitive development of young children. We ended up focusing on the development of a number of teaching tools to scaffold early learning and a unique method of training teachers in how to use these tools. On the basis of the Vygotskian approach, we created a series of tools or strategies to support the development of early literacy, including meta-cognitive and meta-linguistic skills as well as other foundational literacy skills.

The results of an empirical evaluation of the The Tools of the Mind