PBS KIDS Launches 'Sprout Smart' Prosocial Initiative

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Sponsored by Mott's for Tots and in partnership with the experts at KidsHealth.org, Sprout Smart will focus on Healthy Living & Nutrition for 2008. This comprehensive, prosocial initiative is designed to inspire parents to connect and communicate with their preschoolers about important everyday issues such as health, nutrition, safety and social development. Each year, a new topic relating to preschool health and development will be introduced.

"With the multitude of messages that parents are regularly exposed to regarding their child's development, we know that it can be overwhelming to families with preschoolers," said Eileen Diskin, vice president of marketing for PBS KIDS Sprout. "Sprout Smart offers expert guidance in the form of fun and credible tips, tools and resources that are easily accessible to parents and meaningful to preschoolers."

"Since our inception two years ago, Sprout has championed healthy habits for preschoolers," said Sandy Wax, president of PBS KIDS Sprout. "Whether it's whipping up a fun and healthy snack at Sprout Diner or doing bedtime stretches with Nina on The Good Night Show, we encourage healthy habits in all of Sprout's original programming. Sprout Smart really sums up this whole philosophy and brings it to a new level."

Sprout Smart PSAs will begin airing tomorrow on the Sprout linear channel, at SproutSmart.com, and will roll out across a number of cable networks throughout the year. The PSAs will also be made available on Sprout On Demand beginning February 15. Each PSA is designed to address modern day parents' concerns regarding their preschooler's health and development.

Sponsored by Mott's for Tots, the four Healthy Living & Nutrition PSAs slated for 2008 are:


-- The ABC's of Getting ZZZs" (January - March), focusing on the importance of sleep and overall health and growth in preschoolers

-- Kids in the Kitchen" (April - June), highlighting the fact that when kids are involved in food preparation they are more likely to eat the healthy food their parents make

-- The Power of Play" (July - September), demonstrating how exercise can be fun and encouraging parents to get involved

-- Together at the Table" (September - December), focusing on the importance of family meals, which promote healthy eating and sharing conversation

"Mott's for Tots is what today's parents are looking for: a conveniently packaged, low-sugar solution that's not artificially sweetened. It's simply a great-tasting, healthy juice beverage that demonstrates our commitment to helping parents make healthy choices for their children," said Allison Methvin, brand director of Mott's for Tots at Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages. "And we're proud to help PBS KIDS Sprout launch Sprout Smart -- a great way for parents and children to learn more about healthy eating and living an active lifestyle."

The Sprout Smart partnership is completely integrated across television and online platforms. SproutSmart.com features expert articles from the nonprofit Nemours Foundation, creators of KidsHealth.org, the web's most-visited children's health site, as well as related blog discussions and streaming video of each quarterly PSA. Additionally, Sprout will develop an integrated informational program with KidsHealth to reach parents through physician offices and children's hospitals.