Advice To Families On Toddler, Newborn Sleep Routine

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Toddler, Newborn Sleep Routine

Dee Rule, "Baby Nurse and Nanny to the Stars," has been helping families for over 18 years. She is now making the media circuit and offering free advice to parents who need answers on sleep routines.

"My clients include major film and TV actors," says Dee, "and I'm often asked why the majority of families I work for have babies who sleep through the night."

"My tips cover how other families can get their little ones on a sleep routine, and how this can be accomplished on a consistent basis."


Here are a few:

There's a solid solution for getting a little one to sleep through the night: Patience, persistence, love, and imagination. Also back it up with daily timing of activities: baths and get-togethers.

Getting your newborn on a routine early is a huge key to success. Parents can feel less stress by doing what they love. The infant or child will pick-up or feel if you're depressed or down; and will communicate frustration with excessive cries.

Swaddling is a great feat for many parents but it's one key to many doors of restful sleep. A routine schedule and persistence will send a clear message to the toddler or child: it's sleep time!

"I have currently finished writing a book entitled 'The Baby Schedule Ruler,' and will keep all informed of its release date," added Dee. "I'm a RN Nurse with lots of love and care for my families."