Are You Concerned About Giving Medicine To Children?

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Giving medicine to a baby is a common challenge for parents, but recently it has become more serious, after several children's cold and cough formulas have been removed from the market. Administering inaccurate doses of medication to a baby is dangerous because too little of any given medication can make it ineffective, and too much can have harmful side effects, or even lead to death.


Many babies resist the taste of medicine and spit it out, making it difficult to ensure that the baby gets the correct dosage amount. Some parents will dilute the taste of medicine by mixing it with a bottle; but what if baby doesn't finish the bottle? Now there is a solution that is both safe and effective.

ReliaDose, a medicine delivery system with a dual-chamber nipple, masks the taste of medicine while ensuring accurate dosing. Invented by a mom, ReliaDose ensures complete and gentle dosing of over-the-counter and prescribed liquid medication, as well as for liquid vitamin and mineral supplementation.

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