Do You Have A Child Safety Seat?

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Child Safety Seat

Broome County Child Passenger Safety Program is reminding all parents and caregivers about the importance of completing and mailing in the registration cards on new child safety seats. With all of the recent recalls on child products and toys, it is extremely important that parents remember to fill out their registration cards on car seats.


Simply print your name and address clearly and mail this postage paid, pre-addressed card to the child safety seat manufacturer. By doing this, you will be notified if your car seat is ever recalled or if there are any special safety instructions the car seat owner should be aware of. The car seat manufacturer will notify you only if they have your contact information.

Being notified of recalls is just one of the reasons parents and caregivers should avoid buying car seats from garage sales or accepting car seats that have already been used. You cannot re-register a used car seat to be notified of recalls, and it is difficult to determine the safety of a used car seat, especially if you do not know the original car seat owner(s).

It is not easy to know the crash history of a used car seat by looking at it. The car seat may look undamaged but even minor cracks, bends or breaks in the plastic shell can compromise the safety of the seat. Seats that have already been used may also be old. Car seats expire after 6 years and most used car seats are missing their appropriate labels and owner's manual. Car seat labels and manuals carry important information such as the model number and date of manufacture. Without this information, it is impossible to determine whether the car seat is expired or recalled. The best rule of thumb is to avoid using them all together.