Many Moms Mistakenly Bath Their Babies In Cancer-Causing Chemicals

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Every day, new mothers are making the commitment to live an all-natural, chemical-free lifestyle, mistakenly thinking that changing their dietary habits alone will make them and their children one with nature.

In deciding to rid chemicals from their family's daily routine, most new to the all-natural lifestyle focus on changing the foods their family eats--making sure they are organic, farm-raised, or preservative-free. However, they overlook the fact that large amount of chemicals are being absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin every day from soaps and shampoos. Not realizing that can prove to be a deadly mistake for their children over time.


Government-funded studies have shown that the use of certain chemicals found in ordinary personal care products can be highly toxic when used topically on a repeated basis. 1,4-Dioxane, an ingredient in most baby shampoos, is a dangerous carcinogen that, during controlled laboratory testing, has caused cancer in animals with just low-levels of exposure.

It was recently made public by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics that the 1,4-Dioxane cancer-causing chemical is found widely in babies' bathing products from trusted brands like J&J, Disney, Gerber and Huggies. In 2000, the FDA recommended that personal care products should not contain more than 10ppm of 1,4-Dioxane; yet 15% of the products tested exceeded that number. Plus, many babies and children are washed with both a shampoo and wash, and many times a bubble bath as well. It's frightening to think that the amount of chemicals in each of these products adds up with each application and are all being absorbed into babies' and children's bloodstreams.

Aware of this, Nataliya Klymenko Sia decided she wanted something better for her own children but was unable to find any pure and natural bathing products in the U.S. Nataliya grew up in Europe, where for generations herbs have been commonly used not only in foods but also for medicinal treatments and bathing. Nataliya was determined to continue that natural tradition with her own growing family and decided to create a line of herbal bathing blends for babies, children and adults called BabyHerbs.


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