Kids Dart. Drive Smart.

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A community safety campaign to reduce the number of Central Indiana children struck by vehicles.


Kids Dart. Drive Smart. is a unique grassroots effort to protect young pedestrians, who are frequently injured by motorists. Whether they are walking, riding their bikes, rollerblading, or running, Kids Dart. Drive Smart. is designed to keep them safe.

In 2005, more than 46,000 children across the nation were injured as pedestrians. From 1999-2004, there were 4,950 pedestrian fatalities among children 17 years of age and younger in the United States, and Indiana children accounted for 94 of these deaths.

Kids Dart. Drive Smart. will involve and engage neighborhoods, schools, churches, businesses and individuals to raise awareness and significantly reduce injuries this fall. Kids Dart. Drive Smart. will provide signage for neighborhoods and homes, as well as tips to raise awareness among all motorists. This effort is especially important as children return school.

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