BabyCenter: Essential Guide To Baby's First Year On Bookstore Shelves

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The trusted editors at have distilled all of the information new parents need into a comprehensive, reader-friendly guide.

The BabyCenter Essential Guide To Your Baby's First Year (Rodale, 2007) is a special kind of resource offering insights from leading experts as well as real-life-tested wisdom and support from moms and dads. The follow-up to critically-acclaimed The BabyCenter Essential Guide to Pregnancy and Birth, this new volume provides the same high degree of knowledge, experience and support-all focused on baby's first year.

The BabyCenter Essential Guide To Your Baby's First Year is divided into 3-month stages to make it quick and easy to find the right informationfor every age. Sections include "Life with A Newborn -- 3 months," "Settling In -- 4 to 6 months," "On the Move -- 7 to 9 months," and "First Steps, First Words -- 10 to 12 months." Each section includes need-to-know information on development, sleep, feeding, and crying-as well as important advice on how parents can take care of themselves during this exciting butsometimes overwhelming time.

Filled with new content never-before-seen on the BabyCenter.comsite, the new book features:

-- Step-by-step guides to the "firsts," -- including first feeding, first diaper change, first bath, first health tests, first night, and more

-- Buzz From BabyCenter Moms -- down-to-earth advice and inspiration from moms and dads who have been there


-- Milestone Reality Checks -- results from a BabyCenter exclusive survey of more than 100,000 parents about what really happens when in their babies' development

-- Decision Guides -- from breastfeeding vs. formula feeding, cloth vs. disposable diapers, returning to work vs. staying home, and more, BabyCenter sums up the pros and cons of each choice without passing judgment

-- First-Year Health Guide and Worry Meters -- guidance about everything from emergencies to the questions and common worries that may seem too simple to ask a doctor about-but concern mom and dad nonetheless

-- Just for Dads -- a wealth of information for new dads, who have unique questions about their new role

The book is already receiving critical acclaim. Publishers Weekly says "The authors ... provide the resource for which so many parents yearn: an instruction manual to accompany their newborn baby ... The authors leave no question unanswered -- no matter how obvious. They've also taken advantage of a number of polls and surveys conducted by the BabyCenter staff, so parents can compare their experiences on such subjects as falling in love with their baby at first sight or how many times the baby awakens during the night. This practical primer will be especially invaluable for first-time parents."

The Library Journal says "this resource is unique in pulling together real experiences from moms and dads ... Organized in three-month stages rather than by month to emphasize that babies will not all develop at the same rate, the book encourages parents to relax and enjoy their babies and avoid obsessing over development ... Parents looking for advice from taking your baby home from the hospital to planning the first birthday party will find a wealth of helpful information."

"Moms as a group have a collective wisdom that's of incredible value to women just beginning the journey of parenthood," said Linda Murray, BabyCenter editor in chief and the book's lead author. "Learning how to be a parent takes time and effort. Learning what sort of parent you want to be takes knowledge, experience, and a helping hand from other parents. What makes our guide different is that it brings together the best in expert advice and real mom wisdom collected from the entire BabyCenter community, which brings individual moms the collective experience of hundreds of parents."

The BabyCenter Essential Guide To Your Baby's First Year is on bookstore shelves now and retails for $15.95.


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