Tips On Keeping Your Kids Active During Summer Break

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Children in the United States gain up to three times more weight during the summer holidays, and parents need to realize the negative health effects of a sedentary life.

Summer is here, which means kids are out-of-school and have more free time. In a world where children spend 45-50 hours a week consuming media, it's no surprise that they want to spend their extra summer hours online, watching TV or playing video games.

HONEY WE'RE KILLING THE KIDS resident nutrition and fitness expert and mother of two Felicia Stoler helps parents set some ground rules to keep their kids fit and trim this summer:

1. Keep moving...turn off the computer, turn up the music, get outside & play.


2. Eat lots of summer fruits & vegetables...nature's candy...most summer fruits are loaded with water to help keep us cool from the inside out.

3. Grow an edible garden with your kids...tending to a garden burns calories & children are more likely to try new foods if they've grown them.

4. Take walks with your family after is a great opportunity to enhance the lines of communication & doing something physically active -- together.

5. Take advantage of the parks and playgrounds in your communities... they provide an environment for safe play and many offer reasonably- priced sports programs for kids.

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HONEY WE'RE KILLING THE KIDS! is back on Wednesday, June 20 at 8 PM (ET/PT) with an increased appetite to transform the lives of unhealthy families across America. The popular series explores the dangers of a high- fat, high-sugar, high-calorie diet and a routine lacking in exercise and sleep. Each episode follows a family whose bad habits have spiraled out of control, leaving the kids overweight, unruly and at high risk of developing serious medical conditions. Resident fitness and nutrition expert Felicia Stoler uses a hands-on approach to offer the motivation and know-how to help the family turn their lives around.