Hearings Provide Vaccine-Injured Children Opportunity For Justice

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Vaccine-Injured Children

Autism Omnibus Proceeding in the U.S. Federal Claims Court has already evoked concerns over the handling and whitewashing of the Centers for Disease Control's Vaccine Safety Datalink.

The VSD houses vaccine safety information to which government lawyers were allowed access, while attorneys representing families were barred.


The raw VSD data may have served to support 4,800 claims from parents that the mercury-based vaccine preservative thimerosal triggered their children's autism.

"The public has every right to view the taxpayer-funded VSD data being used against children in these hearings, yet access is being denied," stated National Autism Association (NAA) board member and parent Lori McIlwain.

Nearly all the VSD data to be used by the government against families during the proceedings were drawn from industry-guided epidemiological studies incapable of detecting an association with neurological injury in susceptible subsets of children. Plaintiff evidence consists of peer-reviewed published science substantiating injury to children from mercury-containing vaccines including: