Trampoline Injuries Increase In West Michigan

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Trampoline Injuries

Physicians at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital have already seen an increase in admissions this year as a result of trampoline injuries and summer hasn't even officially started.

Twelve children were admitted to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital as a result of trampoline injuries in 2005, 15 in 2006 and eight thus far in 2007.


Bouncing on a trampoline may sound like fun but it's what left nine-year-old Jada Welch of Rockford hospitalized. Nationally, upwards of 200,000 children are treated in emergency departments as a result of trampoline injuries.

"Parents really need to think twice about having a trampoline in their backyard or allowing kids to visit with friends who have a trampoline," said Matthew Denenberg, MD, medical director, emergency medicine, Helen DeVos Children's Hospital. "Trampolines simply aren't worth the risk. An afternoon of fun outside can quickly turn into an evening in the hospital, as was the case with Jada."

Following are some facts about trampoline injuries.