Martek Presents ABC Infant Yogurt

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Infant Yogurt

Central Lechera Asturiana has launched new ABC infant yogurt with life'sDHA.

Now available in major supermarket chains throughout Spain, ABC infant yogurt comes in 4 oz. containers and contains vitamins essential for infant nutrition, plus life'sDHA for infant brain and eye health.


"New ABC infant yogurt with life'sDHA demonstrates the growing global awareness of the health benefits of DHA for infants and children," said Steve Dubin, CEO of Martek Biosciences. "Martek is pleased to be working with Central Lechera Asturiana on this healthy product for children."

DHA omega-3 is a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid that serves as a primary building block for the brain and the eyes and supports brain, eye and cardiovascular health throughout life. There is a large and growing body of scientific evidence demonstrating that people of all ages, from infants to aging adults, benefit from an adequate supply of DHA omega-3 in their diets. Scientific reviews have noted the importance of DHA omega-3 in proper brain and eye function, and there are studies currently underway to investigate its role in decreasing the prevalence of certain neurological disorders.

Martek's life'sDHA is unique in the market because it is derived from a sustainable and vegetarian source. Made from microalgae under tightly controlled manufacturing conditions, life'sDHA is free of oceanic contaminants that may be present in certain fish or fish oils. Microalgae are the only vegetarian source of DHA omega-3, the key omega-3 for brain development and function.

Central Lechera Asturiana, created in 1970, is located in Asturias, a province in the north of Spain. It stands as the core company of the group Corporacion Alimentaria Penasanta (CAPSA), which is the largest Spanish cooperative involved in milk processing. CAPSA products are derived from whole milk, such as cheese, butter, milk, desserts, yogurts and a wide range of functional products.

Martek Biosciences Corporation is a leader in the innovation and development of DHA omega-3 products that promote health and wellness through every stage of life. The Company produces life'sDHA, a sustainable and vegetarian source of DHA omega-3, for use in foods, beverages, infant formula, and supplements, and ARA (arachidonic acid), an omega-6 fatty acid, for use in infant formula.