Prevent Child Abuse America To Launch Kids Days Events

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Kids Days Events

Prevent Child Abuse America and Kohl's are preparing to launch Kohl's Kids Days events this May from Maine to North Carolina.

As spring changes into summer, school begins to wind down, and parents everywhere begin to look for activities they can engage in with their children.


The Kohl's Kids Days will be in-store events involving a variety of fun activities including face painting, games, and story time.

"If we are going to live in a society that values early childhood development and child well-being it will require the involvement, generosity and commitment of like-minded businesses and individuals," said PCA America President and CEO Jim Hmurovich. "We deeply value Kohl's commitment to our nation's children."

PCA America and Kohl's believe that Americans can improve when it comes to encouraging positive parent-child interaction and recognizing the long-term economic impacts when we do not prevent child abuse and neglect before it occurs. Kohl's Kids Days provide a wonderful opportunity to address both these issues, while simultaneously providing a fun experience for children and their families.

Prevent Child Abuse America is the nation's leading organization working solely to prevent the abuse and neglect or our nation's children, founded in 1972. Through its chapters in 42 states and its voluntary home visitation services provided by Healthy Families America(R) in more than 400 communities nationwide, Prevent Child Abuse America helps provide healthy, safe and nurturing experiences for more than 100,000 families every year.