Pending Legislation Can Prevent Health Risks For Children in School Bus

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School bus health safety

More than 1 million Texas children stand to benefit from bills pending in the state legislature that would retrofit diesel school buses to remove harmful emissions from inside the bus. Soon the House of Representatives could vote on SB 529 to enhance the Clean School Bus program that was created during the 79th session, but left unfunded. A House and Senate Conference Committee must also set aside necessary funding for the next biennium.


"Funding the Clean School Bus program will allow children throughout Texas to benefit from the clean air fees paid by their families," said Betin Santos, manager of the Clean Air for Life campaign of Environmental Defense. "Cleaning up the state's school buses offers the best bang for the state's air quality improvement buck. It's up to our elected officials to choose to protect children's health, or leave them to breathe dirty air."

Children riding school buses are exposed to high concentrations of fine particulates and other toxic substances from the buses' own emissions that enter the cabin.

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